Allgenerations is a unique worldwide e-mail network for Holocaust Survivors and their children (2g’s or the “second generation”) and grandchildren (3g’s or the “third generation”), and other concerned and interested individuals and organizations alike.

Our mission is to further enhance and increase our understanding and knowledge of Holocaust education as we continuously develop new projects and initiatives on a global capacity. Allgenerations was designed as an educational and informative resource for disseminating and sharing information about the Holocaust and for keeping our unique community informed and connected.

Founded in 1998 by Serena Woolrich (nee Wolvovits), daughter of a Holocaust Survivor father from Transylvania, Allgenerations aims to increase tolerance and understanding of all people through education and awareness on an international level.

Allgenerations acts as a repository of knowledge and has become reputable for providing the most highly effective, informative and educational learning tools via a comprehensive approach. Our unique community includes educators, historians, genealogists, authors, documentarians, filmmakers, staff from Holocaust museums and related organizations, universities, students from elementary school to graduate school, and social service agencies, as well as all other individuals concerned about the Holocaust.

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