About Us

As Allgenerations aims to increase self-awareness and cultural competency skills within Jewish communities and individuals alike, we wish to provide our members with the best array of services possible.

In addition to being a resource for information and knowledge about the Holocaust, Allgenerations offers invaluable learning opportunities to its paid-up members. Our members are able to submit their e-mails, inquiries, requests, etc. for posting to our membership network, which are frequently answered by our members. We receive notification of Holocaust related events, programs, new books, latest films, etc. that we disseminate to all our members.

However, our most valuable “resource” is our members who are Holocaust Survivors, and who graciously share with us, their experiences and eyewitness accounts from during the Holocaust years.

One of our most special features is the posting of Allgenerations SEARCHES, in an effort to locate missing family members and friends from the Holocaust era. We are very pleased and proud that Allgenerations has brought many friends and family who had been seeking one another for over 65 years. For further information, please see the Services and SEARCHES sections.

Through knowledge, education, and understanding of the Holocaust and its aftermath, we strive to promote and increase tolerance and awareness of others of all backgrounds on a global level.

The organization is run by a three-member board of directors: Serena Woolrich (2g) President/Treasurer, in Washington, D.C.; Audrey Kirzner Syatt (2g), Vice-President in Boston, Massachusetts and Ashley Taubman (3g), Secretary in New York, New York.

Allgenerations is a 501c (3) non-profit corporation located in Washington, D.C.

Please note that the posting of any item submitted to Allgenerations, is solely up to the discretion of Allgenerations.