Allgeneratons provides its members with a resource for information and knowledge, as well as other invaluable services related to the Holocaust, through our members in our global e-mail network. Our work is done through e-mail communications, e-mails and e-Letters.

The Allgenerations “E-mail Network”

Allgenerations acts primarily as a global e-mail network, and provides an exceptional educational and learning tool.

Our Holocaust Survivor members have a bond with one another through their various experiences during the Holocaust era. Knowing that someone else has a similar story to your own, or that someone may have known your family, is of great comfort to a population that believed it was different and was almost destroyed.

Resource for Education and Research

Members of Allgenerations submit e-mails, inquiries, requests, items, SEARCHES, etc. that they wish to have posted to our membership in the hope that someone in our group will have a response to their question or request. This may be a question about a certain foreign word, or a particular event during the Holocaust, or questions about a specific town or country, and many, many more diverse Holocaust-related topics.

Allgenerations is an excellent frequently used resource for educators, scholars, students, historians and others with similar interests. They usually are conducting historical research, school projects, dissertations, and psychological studies.

We frequently assist teachers and students for all ages and educational levels, in implementing school projects and assignments relating to the Holocaust. Authors, playwrights, and filmmakers contact Allgenerations to locate Holocaust Survivors for information for their books, documentaries, plays and films. Their requests are usually for finding and interviewing Holocaust Survivors in order to obtain their eyewitness accounts and personal knowledge on a specific topic relevant to their work. Speaking and sharing of their personal experiences and eye-witness accounts and experiences are invaluable, and Allgenerations is honored to help in making these connections.

Allgenerations initiatives on a wide range of Holocaust topics such as connecting:

  • Survivors from the same hometowns.
  • Survivors who were in the same camp, ghetto, etc.
  • Survivors who escaped to Russia, Siberia, Tashkent, Kazakhstan, etc.
  • Survivors who were passengers on the same ship/voyage you both came over on.
  • Survivors who were in the same displaced persons (dip) camps in Germany, Austria and Italy.


One of the most important services Allgenerations provides its members is posting SEARCHES, which are e-mail inquiries from our members seeking relatives and friends whose fate is still unknown since Liberation; the SEARCHES are limited to the Holocaust era only and for specifically named individuals who may be alive today. More information may be found in the SEARCHES section.

Notification of Events, Workshops, Conferences, etc. and of upcoming Books, Films, Exhibits, etc.

Allgenerations receives e-mails notifying us about upcoming events, programs, conferences, workshops, seminars, and educational trips and tours pertaining to the Holocaust, which are then posted to our membership. These are held in the USA as well as in Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Argentina and other cities.

We notify our members of the latest books, films, plays, documentaries, operas, art exhibits, poetry readings, book signings, as well as other art, cultural events and exhibits related to the Holocaust; both within the USA and outside the USA. via an e-mail/e-Letter sent to our members.

Many of these books, films, plays, etc. have been written and produced by members of Allgenerations; there are many authors, filmmakers, scholars, and historians of both national and international renown amongst our membership.

This service is provided by Allgenerations and is intended solely to inform and update our members to keep them current; it is not done to advertise, publicize or sell any of the above listed books ,events, etc.

Speaking Engagements

Allgenerations receives requests for Holocaust Survivors to speak at schools, colleges, synagogues, churches, community events, throughout the United States and abroad. Upon receiving such a request, we post an e-mail to our membership which includes the relevant information (when, where, what topic, etc.). Almost without exception, someone within the group will respond and offer to speak.

It is requested that Survivors responding to requests for speaking engagements initiated through Allgenerations, to please not request a fee, donation, or other payment for speaking.

Special Events

Allgenerations holds informal “Get Togethers” for its members from time to time in various cities. These are always well-attended! They provide a wonderful opportunity to greet old friends, meet new people, partake of a delicious kosher meal, and enjoy stimulating and inspiring conversation.

Translation Assistance

Allgenerations receives requests for translation assistance with personal correspondence and documents (must be brief, no more than 2 pages) and only from the Holocaust era. Again the requests are posted to our membership and they are usually met.

From the results of an informal survey, Allgenerations found that its members collectively speak, read, and write 36 different languages. Arrangements, fees (if any), and other details are made directly between the requestor and the translator.


The posting of any item submitted to Allgenerations, is solely up to the discretion of Allgenerations, Inc..